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How the Massachusetts Bail Fund Help Bail Bondsmen in Boston MA Secure the Freedom of Low Income Bostonians Boston Equator

The bail fund provides 1,000 dollars to allow you to take out money or reduce your bond's cost. The money given by the bail fund is directly paid to the court. It is not a loan. You do not need to make payments to the bail fund. Instead, just attend all of your court appearances and the judge will refund cash for bail back to the bail fund. What happens if You Don't Attend Court? A judge can make a bench warrant for you're in bail and are late to court. This doesn't necessarily suggest that you've been accused of committing a crime that is new. However, it could mean there is no proof of the previous charges, and police have the right to keep your in custody until the time you have to make an appearance before the judge. The judge will also issue the court with a forfeiture notice. This will inform you that the amount you have paid for bail is forfeited to the court in case you do fail to appear. If you're required to pay a bail bond, the bond will be set to an alarm for the bounty hunter who will locate you and take you back to the jail. For the Massachusetts Bail Fund, the fund allows the process to proceed. It is possible to cancel your bail in the event that you do not show up and you might be sent to prison. The bail fund could receive the cash back. The judge may also reinstate bail, and let you release yourself. You would need to speak with the Massachusetts Bail Fund to find the possibility of receiving another grant. According to the Massachusetts Bail Fund website, it only offers bail at a handful of locations within Massachusetts such as: Middleton House of Corrections Suffolk County House of Corrections Nashua Street Jail Worcester County House of Corrections You may have to look for bail funds that serve your area if you're incarcerated elsewhere. Massachusetts Bail Fund Issue.