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You'll be assigned a range of duties, like preventing that a seawall falls and fixing any potential issues in buildings, and many other tasks. One of the main goals of a safety committee is to keep those who are injured and ensuring that customers as well as employers don't get into serious trouble. What is the average amount a security professional of this type make each year? The amount depends on several factors. Starting salaries for entry-level jobs is not high, but it could range from $40,000 to $50,000. However, those with a more focused career option can earn much more. Anyone with an excellent design skill and the ability to include safety-related procedures in facilities can earn more than 100,000. There are some who can even go up to $150,000 in the appropriate circumstances. This could depend your location and what you are offered by your employer. Lawyer Legal work has been a lucrative area for years. The profession of lawyer is some of the best-paid jobs in the world today. Knowing your options is important because different attorney kinds can earn different cash amounts depending on their area of expertise. What is the average salary when you work as a lawyer bankruptcy or another type? In general, the median wage for this kind of lawyer is 123,000 to. But, based on the specific type of business they run, the top quarter can earn a lot more. A financially successful lawyer for eviction will earn an average of over $186,000 a year, based on the success of their case. The average is $150,000, but some may be able to make $100,000. Yet, it's a substantial amount of money. Even the lowest-paid business lawyer will earn upwards to $81,000 per year.