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10 Jobs for People Who Like Helping People – Shine Articles

ctice. Some lawyers are specialized in particular areas such as bankruptcy or family law. There may be an additional license or certificate before being legally able to be able to practice. To become a lawyer you should have earned a bachelor's. However, some fields may require further training. For the privilege of practicing law in the state, lawyers have to pass the bar exam. 9. Commercial Real Estate Brokers

The need for people who like helping people is something you can find across a wide range of industries. What ever type of business that you set up, your customers and clients have to be dealt with. This is where the commercial real estate professional steps in. This is an excellent profession for those who are willing to assist others and be active because you will go a lot.

Brokers in commercial real estate offer advice and guidance on the purchase, sale, leasing, administration, and leasing of commercial properties. There are brokers who are independent, while others work for larger firms that have various accounting, legal and marketing specialists.

A bachelor's degree of four years with a major in finance or business, as well as real estate are usually needed to be a commercial real estate broker. Minimum of 3 years work experience as an assistant the norm in all states before you can become an agent. For the purpose of becoming a commercial broker you need to pass an exam.

10. Grease Trap Pump Technicians

Pumping grease traps is just one of the jobs available for those who are interested in helping others. It is the kind of person who is a businessperson who goes in restaurants and bars following working hours or during weekends for the purpose of fixing the grease traps. Grease traps are underground tanks to prevent toxic chemicals away from the waterways.

It's difficult to imagine that something this tiny could cause the impact it does on our planet.